Find your purpose shine your light


90 -Day Total Transformation Life Purpose Programme


Discover Your Unique God-given design, Your purpose and the life God Planned for You.

My faith-based life purpose programme, Find Your Purpose Shine Your Light, uses the strengths and tools of my Certification as Coach and Trainer through the Life Breakthrough Academy, Life Coaching Certification through HCI.

I am certified and fluent in a variety of Personality Styles assessment tools  including DISC , Insights and Personality Principles  Extensive experience in management training, teaching communication skills, relationship and leadership skills, is also intrinsic within my programme. 

Life Purpose is the energy of Passion, channeled through Experience and Design in the ” service of a greater Calling.   Pursuing one’s life purpose generates lasting fulfillment and significance…. “ Tony Stolzf

Are you living the life God called you to live?

Find Your Purpose Shine Your Light, Janice’s faith-based signature Life Purpose Programme, is all about You!   It’s all about your God-given uniqueness and individuality.  Your individuality is one of God’s gifts  and what we do with that individuality is our gift back to God.   It isn’t just One thing that makes you different from everyone else it is Everything It’s the fascinating combination of natural talents, abilities, passions, spiritual gifts, personalities, memories, experience,  choices,  values, perceptions, environments, upbringing, and more- – all designed to fit together like a complex jigsaw puzzle!  Because of these God-given gifts the potential within each individual is awesome!

It’s about helping you unwrap all those gifts, it’s about discovering your uniqueness; it’s about turning your untapped potential into powerful purpose.  It’s about helping you answer the questions that people have asked from the beginning of time.  Who am I?   What do I have to offer?  What is my purpose?

You were born to live a life of significance; to make a difference in your generation; to fulfil your Kingdom Purpose but maybe you, like most people need a little help to put the pieces of your jigsaw together.

If you are ready to –

Transform your awesome potential into powerful reality

Shine in your purpose

Be crystal clear about your vision and mission

Have more love, more joy, more peace, more personal empowerment, more abundance

Have vibrant health,  spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Find Your Purpose Shine Your Light is my faith-based signature Life Purpose programme and uses the strengths and tools of my dual Certification as a Health & Life Coach with BHC, my certification as a coach and trainer through the Life Breakthrough Academy and many church based courses I have led.